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Saturday, February 09, 2002
Clinic 'For The Wars' - track eleven from the forthcoming "Walking With Thee"

Wow, 3/4. You wouldn't think such a signature existed, having listened to the rest of the album - an almost sickening two or four feel. The fact that the rest of the album (with the exception of Mr. Moonlight) has been such a chug-fest adds greatly to the wistful feel of the song. The arrangements aren't as slap-you-in-the-face-simple as the rest of the album, even Ade's vocals feel different. The propulsive drums and obvious-interval basslines are here, but they are placed behind the rest of the song, a chiming keyboard line and an ethereal vocal that lends itself to fuller harmonizing than on tracks previous. The break is gentle, compared to the almost nonsensical stop-time of other songs. The emotion is a little less subtle, Ade's voice flaring mildly as distorted guitar sparks and dies. The final flute interlude disintegrates all tension built up during the album, ending the cd as if it had never existed.

Friday, February 08, 2002
Clinic 'Sunlight Bathes Our Home' - track ten from the forthcoming "Walking With Thee"

Harmonica begins slightly more-complicated song. The individual voices seem to be poorly orchestrated, but if you don't look at it too closely its fine. The song really works itself back together after the typical pause. A good word to describe the guitar sound - 'wacky'. Taken as a whole the song seems like industrial pop, the drums pound beneath a semi-glorious polyphony. Semi-glorious in that its remarkable that it doesn't fall apart. It seems like Clinic could have made this song in five minutes, like many other songs on the album. The bass part is pretty much the same through the song. The drums are pretty much the same (the hi-hat gets louder near the end). The real magic, like all the other songs on the album, is that it works together really well. Congrats guys.

Thursday, February 07, 2002
Clinic 'The Bridge' - track nine from the forthcoming "Walking With Thee"

A clunky cowbell leads into this bizarre western-sounding romp. The lyrics sound like something out of a self-help guide. The form is much like all the others on the album, simple notes forming simple chord progressions as Ade sings. -Slight break-. More of the same. What did you expect? An progressive rock album? The ending on the song's pretty great, a churchy sounding organ oomphs its last, emerging from seemingly nowhere. Actually, the prog-rock joke wasn't totally unfounded. Any given song on this album can change ever-so-subtly over its course, ending up as a very different beast. Voices come from nowhere, sounds do completely logical things, the form remains rather unchanged, but the songs manage to accomplish something.

Wednesday, February 06, 2002
Clinic 'The Vulture' - track eight from the forthcoming "Walking With Thee"

A bit more tonally harsh, the rhythms aren't as pop friendly as before. Still more of the winds. There's a nice piano sound, again meddling with the otherwise menacing atmosphere. We have the trembling drums, the minimal sax line, the minimal bassline, Ade's whining, and then this sparkly piano. This track propels the album towards more classical Dada leanings, with semisensical ramblings and ultrasmall (though big-sounding) accompaniment. 'Vulture' is a more compact take on all of this.

Tuesday, February 05, 2002
Clinic 'Come into Our Room' - track seven from the forthcoming "Walking With Thee"

The most disco song yet. Also, the most artificial sounding song. It sounds so simple, but there's a lot going on. More of the 4-5-break thing, that's like the theme of the album, build to a logical dominant fifth and then pause for a little vocal break. The vocals are really torn between emotion and apathy, I can't tell if Ade's being sarcastic or serious. The string sample is ridiculous, but it works.

Clinic 'Mr. Moonlight' - track six from the forthcoming "Walking With Thee"

Much more laidback than any of the previous tracks. You can actually immediately discern individual instrumental lines in this song. The soporific qualities of this tune are much like 'Goodnight Georgie' from "Internal Wrangler". The word 'elephant' increases the entire album's excitement tenfold.

Sunday, February 03, 2002
Clinic 'Pet Eunoch' - track five from the forthcoming "Walking With Thee"

A pinnate guitar manages to pierce the distort-o layer. Though the drums are live-sounding, they have the same feel as all the (programmed?) tracks previous. This song could've been on one of the early singles. The rhythm guitar and bass don't seem to notice each other. The inclusion of a piano in the song makes it seem comical. One could call this a 'rock' song if it weren't for the apathetic drums. |:Boom! Pow! Boom! Pow! Boom! Pow! Boom! Pow! :| More than ever, Blackburn sounds like a maniac. The song is played about two times as fast as anyone else would play a similar song. Not to say that its fast, but that the rhythm seems so awkward. I'd have to file this song under filler, but good filler.