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Thursday, February 14, 2002
Listening to quite a bit of the Fall's 'Wonderful and Frightening World of...'. Since returning to my long-forgotten copy on monday afternoon, I have listened to the CD about ten times the whole way through. I remember being turned away from the group about a year ago.

I was at my friend's house. We were playing video games and listening to CDs. After the Modest Mouse CD sputtered to a close, I decided to put on something he had not yet heard. My choice? The Fall's supposedly 'most accessible' album.

To understand what happens next, you have to know how I act as a purveyor of music. Whenever I am listening to something and somebody happens into the room, I immediately adjust my perception of the CD that I am listening to so as to accomodate the new listener. For example, if I am listening to the latest Autechre release and a rockist comes into the room, I take a rockist's perspective of the music. 'It's all drums', 'Where's the music?', 'This disco is broken'. I have to censor myself as a music appreciator so much as to not alienate the visitor(s).

This particular friend was not so much into punk, or whatever you will call the Fall, this friend was more of the pop kind of person. 'Lay, lay, lay, lay, lay, lay' the Fall began chanting. He was not particularly excited. 'Armageddon!' Mark E. Smith intoned. I am cracking up inside, but he doesn't quite get the joke, his face crumples up as the gymnast guitar spirals up and down the sloppy drums. We didn't quite get through 'Lay of the Land'. From that moment on, the Fall were unfairly classified in my mind as an 'aggressive' band. In the days and weeks ahead, I wasn't really in the mood for 'aggressive', so thanks to my poor level of fad-hopping (at the time) I was miles away from the Fall by the time I even considered returning to 'aggressive'.

Interesting and pointless- Today, as I left for a 'meeting', I decided I would play 'Wonderful and Frightening World of...' on the CD player in my studio and see if I could make it home by the time it had finished playing. I made it back just as it finished, as the CD changed to 'Is This It?'.

Monday, February 11, 2002

Forget Clinic. If its art-school electronic theatrics and great voice you are looking for, the Notwist is where to turn.